January 17, 2007

Just because I can.

Okay, so I have just had enough of listening to a certain cadre of ignoramuses, some of whom have the responsibility of running this township, some of whom support those sorry excuses for leaders. So, since those of us not part of that political machine aren't officially given the opportunity to say much, I'm making my own opportunity. This is it.

This evening, during the first town meeting I've attended in many months, I was reminded why I stopped going. It's an exercise in frustration. I sat through an entire evening of certain township supervisors acting like absolute CHILDREN (stage whispering disrespectful comments about the chairman, threatening to take back their gavel because they don't like his attempts to impose order on them) so I could hear something informative about a state grant being offered to townships so they can build a library, which we desperately need.

After being pushed back for a topic moved forward because even our township solicitor was tiring of the behavior of some of the supervisors and wanted to leave, FINALLY, around 10:30 pm
, my topic came up. And it was promptly blown off for painfully obvious lack of interest on the part of our so-called leaders. Clearly, they had not the slightest curiosity about how we might be able to build a library up here in Hicktown.

God forbid we might actually use some of our precious township funds to do something as frivolous as improving our minds, or to indulge in an activity as fruitless as reading when we could instead be spending our time participating in the locally popular sports of Olympic Gossiping, the Meeting Disruption Relay or the 100 Yard Duh.

That's about all I can take for one night. Hope yours was better than mine.