August 4, 2009

Sum Yum New To Try

Well, Noxers, if you haven't heard by now that we have a new ice cream place in town, you must be living under a rock over by the lake. But actually, if you WERE over there, you could hardly miss all the new traffic to the former location of Kate's General Store. That space is now occupied by OWowCow Creamery, a small-batch producer and server of some of the most awesome ice cream I've ever had the pleasure of eating. And apparently, I'm not the only one. If you become a member of the truly obsessed crowd, you can even follow them on Facebook and read about them on other blogs.

Not only is this ice cream awesome, it's served in a colorful, cheery store with just one freezer case (yes, really! Can you imagine not being overwhelmed, just impressed?) full of their handmade-with-real-fresh-ingredients-and-real-cream frozen confections! They even give you free sample spoons so you don't have to take a risk on a flavor you're not sure of. And don't expect the flavors to taste like something off the shelf. The peach tastes like...well, peach! And the three flavors of vanilla are to die for. So far, though, my favorite is the pistachio (good thing they don't make an emoticon for drooling, or you'd be seeing it here). And I haven't even TRIED the pudgie pies yet...

I'm hoping they're here to stay, not only because I like their product, but because I think a new business that can launch amidst a deepening recession and not only stay afloat but prosper can only be good for our community's economy. It generates income, tax revenue and jobs, all while supporting local vendors and keeping its customer base very, very happy. No, the pricing's not for everyone; but there's a lower-priced competitor right down the street for those who feel this stuff's too rich for them. That's the beauty of options.

So if you haven't taken the opportunity to get your wow on, get over to OWowCow. Check out the ice cream and give a warm Nockamixon welcome to our new neighbors. You'll thank me for giving you this kick in the butt, even if it IS a little bigger after your visit. (Hey, you can always join the Nockamixon Athletic Club to work it off!) Enjoy.

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