January 10, 2010

Good News! Skippy's home!

Regarding Skippy, the lost cocker spaniel, I am VERY happy and relieved to report that Sharon, one of his humans, left a comment saying that he is back at home, safe and sound, apparently not a lot worse for wear.

She said, "He wandered very far away and ended up in a shelter in Northampton County."

That IS a long way for a little, old, deaf dog to travel and still make it in one healthy piece! So someone was watching over Skippy and now he's out of the cold and wind and back where he belongs. Always happy to share good news, which seems all too rare. So, a bit of holiday cheer left over for us to enjoy.

1 comment:

Roze said...

FANTASTIC!!! We've been keeping our eyes peeled out for Skippy since reading your posting and this is wonderful to hear! Don't know what I'd do if one of my dogs took off...lose what's left of my mind, I'm sure! Hooray for Skippy and Sharon!